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JAINA Upliftment Program
Since its inception, JAINA has supported disaster relief projects around the globe. We now want to extend our services to a sustainable livelihood project. Under the JAINA Upliftment Program, poor Jain children and families in India will receive quality education (for children), higher or vocational training (for young adults), and skill enhancement vocational training (for heads of households) to increase their earning potential.

This will result in sustainable livelihoods to liberate them from poverty. Donations for the JAINA Upliftment Program will be forwarded through the JAINA India Trust (JIT) office into the bank accounts of recipient families via partner organization per established procedure. The child or family’s designation as needy (Rs. 4,000/month or less in rural areas, and Rs.6,000/month or less in urban areas) will be verified by JAINA partner organizations using pre-established criteria.

The adequacy and duration of the assistance will be certified and recertified by partner organizations. The fees will be paid directly to the school or vocational training center. Other incidental expenses related to education will be paid to families on an as-needed basis, as recommended by the partner organization.

Statistics of families needing help:
According to statistics, approximately 17% of Jain families are living at or below the poverty level (earning Rs. 5,000 per month). As a pilot project, we will start with small number of children and families to be supported / given education assistance.

Dr. Havaldar
We chose JAINA because they're effective, they're efficient, they're trustworthy, and I know them personally... We have worked with them for almost a decade through a variety of different projects, geographies, locations, times of year, you name it, and it's always been successful.
Devyani Jain
By awarding me the scholarship, you have lightened my parents financial crises and allowed me to focus more on my studies without Tension.
Shantinath Narasi
I felt stressed, hopeless, and worried about my two sons’ education before JAINA came to my life… I can continue to send my boys to school. I think I can live and overcome all the struggles.
Abhishek Kothari
It is with extreme gratitude for scholarship to finish my “CA” on time. Your generosity has inspired me to help other students in future and give back to community.
Ritaben Shah
I cannot thank JAINA enough. We are all humbled to see what a difference the organization makes for families, how it helps us to tackle the daily issues that often seem a dead-end for us.
Shreya & Vidhi’s grandfather
I am not educated, my daughter is not educated, which is why we are in poverty. All I want is a good life for my granddaughter — a life better than what we have,”